Candle Hand

Candle Hand - Shaka (Black)

This beautifully realistic SHAKA hand is a delight to every Hawaiian spirit, as well as everyone whose favourite time of the day is 4:20.

It comes in 5 different colours, smells like surfing feels, and turned vertically works as a pretend phone.

Thinking it would make a great gift? It sure would! Every Candle Hand comes beautifully packed and ready to be given.

  • 23 x 8 x 6.5cm. 
  • 320g.

100% Handmade. Before our candle reaches the customer, it goes through a long creativity process. Every small detail reflects all the work we put into them and this is what makes our candles so special and attractive. 

Real Hand Size. Our Hand Gesture Candles are the same size as real hand. The candles are fully solid with an average burn time over 20 hours. the wick of the candle goes all the way though.

Real Hand Texture. All of our candles are the real copy of a real hand. High Quality paraffin exactly repeats every line of skin texture. Only wick and colour reveals that this is a candle.

Designed & made in Lithuania.