Corkcicle Barware Corkcicle Air

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This one is for all the wine connoisseurs, wine lovers and anyone that appreciates a perfectly served wine. 

The Corkcicle Air chills your wine to the perfect temperature every time and aerates as you pour. It is the all in one solution to have your favourite wine exactly as you like it.

Simply store in your freezer for 90 minutes and then insert in to your favourite bottle of wine to chill and keep chilled. With a convenient pour through feature that allows you  to serve wine easily and elegantly.

As you pour your wine, the Corkcicle Air, aerates your wine, introducing just the right amount of oxygen for your wine's subtle flavours to really peak. It is significantly faster than traditional decanting methods meaning you can get to the important part of enjoying your wine faster.
  • Convenient pour through feature.
  • Aerates as you pour.
  • Keeps whites chilled and brings reds to cellar temperature.

Corkcicle believe that style and sustainability shouldn't be tradeoffs, creating products that enhance personal style while reducing impact on the planet.

Their products are completely reusable, so you can feel good about making them part of your everyday.

Designed in the U.S.A