Gentlemen's Hardware

Craft Beer Glasses - Set of 4

Enjoy the true flavours of your prized craft beers as per the brewer's intention. Mixing old and new, each glass has been designed with a contemporary twist on classic forms.

Each hand blown vessel is functionally formed to enhance the beers characteristics and improve the gentlemen's drinking experience.

Palm sized perfection for the gentlemen sipping only the most premium of half measures.
  • 248 ml.
  • 78 x 113ml.

Pour your favourite pint proudly into the depths of this classic vessel.

  • 568 ml.
  • 88 x 183 mm.

Hop on board with this elegantly formed glass designed to elevate those IPA expeditions.

  • 540 ml.
  • 89 x 183 mm.

Traditionally used for strong Belgian ales but now embraced by the craft beer community. With its elegant stem, swirl and savour the beer's aroma.

  • 588 ml.
  • 183 x 95 mm.

Cocktail connoisseurs and whisky lovers rejoice; we’re shaking things up! Introducing Gentlemen’s Hardware Barware. A stylish collection of unique multi-functional cocktail and spirit accessories to satisfy every gentleman’s beverage requirement.

Gentlemen’s Hardware was born out of a shared passion for building superior, durable, responsible goods that equip modern gentlemen for the rigors of life. From multi-tools to grooming accessories, outdoor enamelware, drinkware, wallets and more, our products are crafted by relentless pioneers who share an unfaltering commitment to quality, function and style. 

Designed in the U.K.