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Gone are heavy pasta dishes and over-rich sauces – Eataly takes a modern approach to Italian cooking and eating. With recipes that are fresh and delicious, clear instructions, helpful tips, and a visual produce guide, this book will allow you to eat like Italians do today.

  • Italian food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world, and this book updates tried-and-tested favourites with modern twists and classic techniques
  • As well as its delicious recipes, an extensive visual glossary shows and explains the various ingredients used in the recipes - just like having your own Eataly expert in your home
  • Eataly is the gold standard of excellence for Italian produce and cooking, and the book will be heavily supported by its eponymous stores worldwide
  • With amazing photography and design, the high production values in this book bring Italian style to the best of Italian contemporary cooking
  • With its modern and refreshing twists on Italian cuisine, Eataly is the ideal companion to the authentic, traditional recipes of The Silver Spoon
  • Hardback.
  • English.
  • 27cm x 18cm. 
  • 512pp.
  • 200 colour illustrations.