New Moon Blends

New Moon Blends | Eclipse Season

Eclipse Season was created in support of the total lunar eclipse on May 29th and solar eclipse in Gemini on June 10th. Eclipse has the power to bring us into a different gateway and can change our lives dramatically. Eclipse Season is a magical time for transformation and this oil will support you on this journey.

It comes in a travel-friendly size and is perfect for popping in your bag. Eclipse Season lasts all day long and leaves you feeling empowered and unstoppable.


  • Coconut fractionated oil.
  • Jasmine - enhances eclipse season, reduces stress and cleanses the aura & raises vibrations.
  • Sandalwood - for grounding, calming and balance emotions.
  • Mandarin -  It unlocks creative energies and great for new beginnings.
  • Marjoram - reduces stress and creates optimism in achieving goals and creating the new.

Roller size is 10ml. 

Directions: Apply to your temples, forehead, wrists, chest or soles of the feet or in your alter during any rituals.