Orbitkey Nest - Ash

The Orbitkey Nest is a home for all your essentials. Its a multi function storage device that not only stores important bits and pieces but is also a wireless charger for your device.

It has storage for all your cards and loose items and comes with customisable dividers so you can design it to suit your specific needs.

The lid has a dual function hinge mechanism so you can lift the lid off or flip it like a book to access the internal storage. The foam padded interior will keep your belongings safe and protected while you go about your day to day commute.

The lid also has a wireless charger embedded in it. Set it up on your desk fo the day and keep your phone fully charged by placing it on the charger when not in use.

  • Portable and compact design.
  • 10W wireless charging pad.
  • Compatible with Qi enabled devices.
  • Customise with movable dividers.
  • Valet tray and storage space.
  • Dual access modes.
  • Genuine leather surface.
  • Polycarbonate shell with nylon poly melange fabric.
  • Dacron Elastic with latex core.
  • Zinc alloy hardware.

The Orbitkey Nest will keep you organised while on the road, at the office or working from home. Never go without those important items with this amazing add on to your daily lifestyle.

Designed in Melbourne Australia.