Ridley's Games Room Party Compendium

Gather your friends and family, young and old alike for a series of games that will challenge all your skill and luck. Simply take turns to roll the die and answer the corresponding game card to begin the fun.

Guess What?

In this word guessing game, you simply solve the secret word, from another players description - but there's a catch, there are certain words that you can't say. It's harder than it sounds but lots of fun!

Sing it Back, Music Quiz.

Read out the lyrics from a well known song - your teammates must then say or better still, sing the next line. Earn extra points by guessing the artist and song titles.

Classic Charades.

Its a 'race against mime' in this game of Classic Charades. Simply act out the titles of books, films, songs, tv shows and plays without speaking for the other player/s to guess.

Name Game Quiz.

Describe the famous person without using the words on the cards and see just how many your team mates can guess to win the game.

  • 4 x 70 Game Cards.
  • Decision Die.
  • Instructions.