Ridleys Games Room Chess & Checkers

Chess is more than a game, the fine art of chess also tests one's patience and logic. Plan your strategy and use your moves to defend your king, while taking out your opponent's pieces. From the tentative first moves, to the nerve wracking final stages of the end game, a lapse in concentration will give your opponent the upper-hand in a heartbeat. Minutes to learn, a lifetime to master - it's truely the game of kings.

Checkers is a seemingly simple game although the key lies with wisdom and patience, as well as sharp memory and plenty of focus. The aim is to capture your opponent's pieces, while defending your own. Pit yourself against a worthy competitor and let the tournament commence.

  • Instructions.
  • 1 x Folded Game Board.
  • 16 x Red Chess Pieces.
  • 16 x Black Chess Pieces.
  • 12 x Red Checkers.
  • 12 x Black Checkers.