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The Little Potion Co. | Fairy Dust

The Little Potion Co | Magical Potions for Play | Zebra Finch Style

The colour fairies spread happiness and colour everywhere. Each fairy is in charge of their own colour, which all have a special power. Everywhere the fairies go, they leave a trace of their magic dust to give some extra hope and happiness to our colourful world. 

Please note: colour will be randomly selected. If you have a preference for colour, please leave a note at checkout and we will do our best to get your preferred colour to you. However, depending on stock levels, we cannot guarantee this. 

All ingredients are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, although we don't recommend ingesting. Our potions are not for consumption. Avoid contact with eyes. May irritate small cuts or scratches on skin. If contact occurs, immediately rinse with cool running water.

The Little Potion Co. is entirely non-toxic and created from eco-friendly ingredients. Made for children 5 years of age and over, they are beautifully packaged and include recipes with ingredients for 'spells' that encourage a child's creativity and positivity. 

Made in Melbourne, Australia.