Our Story

FOK (Found on Kickstarter.. unless you speak Afrikaans..) & Stuff (other cool stuff)

We began with a simple idea - bring some of 'Kickstarter's' most successful brands and products to a store so that people could see, touch and appreciate how innovative they are.. then buy them! ;)

This quickly led us down a rabbit hole of discovery and a realisation that those same brands had other incredible products not necessarily funded on Kickstarter. Products that we love and know you will too. From this FOK & Stuff was born.

While we will continue to bring you the best of Kickstarter, there is also so much other good stuff out there to be found and shown to the world.

We search high and low for unique, fun and creative brands and products - beautiful homewares, fun yet functional gifts, and simple, thoughtful accessories. 

We opened our store in Byron Bay in April 2018 and have been rapidly growing and evolving our range of products ever since. 

We love the search for great products and ask you to enjoy your own discovery of what we have to offer by browsing both our online store and by coming to say hi in our little shop of goodness.. tucked away, yet right in the heart of Byron Bay.