CLINQ Champagne Coupe Glasses 150ml (Set of 2)

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These stunning and elegant hand blown Champagne Coupe glasses are designed to impress. Traditionally used for Champagne and sparkling wine they also make fabulous cocktail glasses.

Widely thought to be the original design of glass for drinking champagne the Coupe shape was developed in the 1700's and was widely popular in the United States from the 1930's to 70's. 

The Champagne coupe is designated for a more taste orientated purpose.  It is perfect for those that are more interested in the full body and flavour of the wine and not just the bubbles. The wide bowl of the coupe allows the Champagne to open up to give a 'fuller' taste.

However it is also wonderfully versatile for cocktails and drinks that are shaken or stirred and and then strained without ice such as a Daquiri, Manhattan or a classic Margarita.

These hand blown coupe glasses are totally unique with a copper sphere detail in the stem. They come as a set of 2, presented in a luxury style box that is perfect for gifting.
  • 150ml
  • Hand wash recommended.

Clinq aims to deliver memorable wine drinking experiences through beautiful quality products. Their unique gifts are perfect  for special occasions.